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When ordering a specific caricature or artwork, please be sure to include the following details:

Your name
Phone/cellphone number

As well as what you are after:
A1  Vehicle only - print (A3 Gloss photocard)
A2  Vehicle only - original (A3 only)
A3  Personalized caricature (A3 only)*

New Comic Style Caricature
B1  Print (A3 Gloss photocard)  
B2  Original black & white (A3 only)  
B3  Full colour original (A3 only) 
Full Colour Realistic Renderings
C1  Print (A3 Gloss photocard) 
C2  A1 Canvas  
C3  A2 Canvas 
C4  Original hand drawn artwork (A3 only)
Realistic Pencil Sketches
D1  Print (A3 Gloss photocard)  
D2  A1 Canvas Print  
D3  A2 Canvas Print  
D4  A3 Canvas Print  
D5  Original hand drawn artwork (A3 only)

Once you are sure of what you are after, please email your orders to

Thank you

*Please note: If you require a personalized artwork of any kind and the photographs you email through are not of decent quality and I have to go and browse the web for better photographs/pictures of the vehicle, an extra cost will be incurred at your expense and will be added to your quote/invoice. Please make sure you send through decent quality photographs/pictures so that the illustration/caricature can be done to quality standards.

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