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How its done

1st of all, I go about hunting for reference material and get as many pictures of the “subject” as I can and really get to know all the ins and outs of the vehicles shape, headlights, grill, wheels and anything that makes it stand out from any other vehicle out there. I look for “its” character and personality.

I then go about creating the lines until the basic structure and shape of the vehicle is done.

Once I am happy with the proportions and perspective I then go about adding in the details and that which make up its character and personality.


Then comes the colour. I use COPIC markers for colour as well as white pen or tipex where I really have to and once all the colour and detail have been added I use a range of fineline's with different size nibs for outlining and such as when it comes to detailing the illustrations a really fine nib is needed, as well as a steady hand.
On occasion I use an airbrush.


When working on personalized caricatures I need to be supplied with photographs of the person that will be incorporated into the caricature as well as the vehicle to be used in the caricature.
The photo's I am looking for are as follows:
  1. Head and shoulder shot of person to be incorporated into the caricature
  2. Photograph of the front/back of the vehicle to be used
  3. Photograph of a 3 quarter front/back (front/back & side) view of the vehicle to be used
  4. Close up of the wheels/rims of the vehicle

A few examples of personalized caricatures as well as other services on offer.


Please note: If the photographs you send through are not of decent quality and I have to go and browse the web for better photographs/pictures of the vehicle, an extra cost will be incurred at your expense. Please make sure you send through decent quality photographs/pictures so that the illustration/caricature can be done to quality standards.

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